Alliance Against Sexual Harassment

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AASHA Recognition Awards


1st December 2007

Healthy work environment is a high priority for private sector as well as public sector. While the world is moving towards mandatory compliance to standardized norms, many progressive employers are voluntarily creating work environments that respect human rights and uphold best management practices. We would like to publicly acknowledge those progressive managements especially those who have created gender friendly work environments.

Our efforts have focused on instituting an anti sexual harassment policy in private sector organizations, amend civil services laws to include sexual harassment as a form of misconduct and provide awareness to organizations and employees to deal with this issue through training and media campaigns.

Every year AASHA holds a star studded ceremony in Karachi to recognize ten most gender friendly companies. Over the last three years many like Johnson and Johnson, PSO, Avari Towers, GEO etc have gotten these awards. This year we are holding the ceremony in Lahore on 1st December 2007 at Pearl Continental Hotel.

It will be a little different as this year we are recognizing those organizations that have shown sustained efforts over the last several years to keep improving the work environment in reference to including more women and making male and female employees feel safe and comfortable working with each other. Therefore those who have already received AASHA awards are also allowed to apply again.