Alliance Against Sexual Harassment

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Updated Law Documents
.Compliance Instructions
.Text of New Laws
.Code of Conduct
.Simplified CoC
.Implementation  Framework

Step by Step Instructions on how to comply with the Law:

Now that it is necessary for every organization to comply with the law against Sexual Harassment following are the steps that need to be taken immediately. A code of conduct has already been prepared in simple language insuring 100% compliance to the law. This document is far easier to understand and follow than the text of the law itself. The document is ready to be incorporated in your HR policies as it is.

STEP 1: Download Code of Conduct from AASHA’s website

STEP 2: In a meeting of your senior management take a decision to officially incorporate
the code in your HR policies

STEP 3: Management will appoint a three-member standing Inquiry Committee to
handle any complaints of sexual harassment. At least one member should be a woman. It is good to have a representation of CBA (if applicable)

STEP 4: Management should also identify a competent authority in their organization if
not already identified (in most cases it is the CEO or who ever has the hiring/ firing authority).

STEP 5: Management will notify all employees of incorporating of the Code of Conduct
in their HR policies, the names, contact information of the three committee members, instructions of approaching any of the Committee member in case of a sexual harassment complaint.

STEP 6: Management will also post this notification and the full text of the code on a
notice board or any common area in a language understandable by the employees. (AASHA has printed a set of two posters with full text of the code in English and Urdu. You may request them from AASHA’s office. It is quite convenient to frame them and put them up in the office.

STEP 7: Log on to, login by creating your organization’s account and enter compliance information in the provided forms. Once the information is approved, it will appear on the data base in about one week.


The objective of adopting the code is to make the work environment more professional and dignified, which will make the organization more efficient and productive, therefore it is necessary for the management to undertake steps to institutionalize the code in letter and spirit.
possible. government employees, educational institutes, private sector organizations, non-governmental gement could violate committee reports. It was suggested that standing committees should be given authority to take legal action, and that the committee should be gender sensitized. In the same vein, it was recommended that if organizations have trade unions, the unions should also be represented on the standing committee.

The management should:

1. Educate employees regarding the issue of sexual harassment and how to create Zero tolerance for it.

2. Train inquiry committee members to conduct there inquiries in a just and sensitive manner.

3. Ensure that due process is undertaken in a fair and just manner. It should intervene if there is any retaliation or black mailing by any party.

4. The management and the inquiry committee should be proactive in taking steps to make the work environment more professional and free of sexual harassment. Issues of sexual harassment are not usual in organization as people bring them to work place as a part of their upbringing. It is the responsibility of management to have mechanism to handle these cases appropriately.