Alliance Against Sexual Harassment

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Updated Law Documents
.Compliance Instructions
.Text of New Laws
.Code of Conduct
.Simplified CoC
.Implementation  Framework


The Code of Conduct for Gender Justice at the Workplace (In Urdu)

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The AASHA Experience

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Leaders of Change

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Feeling Vulnerable In the Houses of Learning

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A Baseline Study on Anti-Sexual Harassment Policies

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The Code of Conduct for Gender Justice at the Workplace

Gender justice at the workplace includes the concept of equal employment opportunities for men and women, addressing issues of equal pay, fair recruitment, and appropriate work conditions for both genders. This Code focuses on addressing gender harassment and exploitation faced at the workplace to facilitate a work environment free of intimidation and abuse.Click here to download


Guidelines for an Environment Free from Discrimination & Harassment

The “Guidelines”, prepared by ActionAid's Social and Legal Rights unit on behalf of AASHA; help in creating a work environment free of discrimination and harassment. It consists of the background, its  understanding, problems faced, and their impacts. It also consists of the efforts made by employers and NGOs in eradicating the practice. At the end it invites all of us to make a commitment to deal with the problem and join hands in this effort.Click here to download  

Situational Analysis on Sexual Harassment

This is a nationwide study carried out to determine the extent of sexual harassment at the workplace, identifing its causes and consequences. Also, to assess the level of awareness about the issue through descriptive and the qualitative methods, using in-depth interviews with both employers and employees. It also consists of recommendations that can be realistically adopted to eradicate this practice. Click here to download  

Sexual Harassment at the workplace

National Conference

Performance by Interactive Resource Center & AAPK

The interactive theater performance depicted on this CD was prepared for and  performed at the National Conference organized by AASHA, in December 2001, in Islamabad, Pakistan. The conference marked the launch of a nationwide campaign against Sexual Harassment and was attended by civil society and government representatives and a large number of working women from across the country It reflects some prevalent forms of sexual Harassment that are encountered by the working women