Alliance Against Sexual Harassment

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Friends of AASHA

Friends of AASHA will be a web based membership forum for working women who are committed to address the issue of sexual harassment at workplace. Working women have always been a main impetus for AASHA. This effort will be a systemic formal effort to harness the potential working women to influence policies related to their own working conditions. The members of this forum shall be working women from all the four provinces and federal capital. Men who are willing to address the issue are also encouraged to be the members of the forum.

It is a loosely bonded forum where the working women shall be able to interact on the issue of sexual harassment at workplace. The forum also aims to act as a pressure group and provide support to the women who are victim to offensive behavior at their workplaces.

The forum also aims to closely coordinate with trade unions and efforts will be made to make the women representatives in these unions to be the part of this forum. Through this forum efforts will be made to make trade unions realize their roles and responsibility in respect to safe guarding the rights of the workers. The role of this forum is to induct working women into this chapter and mobilize them to further the objectives of AASHA.

To become the member of Friends of AASHA, Email us at and receive quarterly newsletter of AASHA and share your experiences and information with all the members.

Lets all join hands to promote zero tolerance for sexual harassment at workplace